Taking the Lead to Minister Life

To be those who can minister life to others, we need to be put to death – not physically speaking, but this death is carried out through the divine life which operates from within us, to terminate our natural fallen self.

When we stay under the termination of the Lord’s death, His resurrection life will be dispensed into others through us. The dispensing of life into others is always the result of our receiving the killing of the cross.

The basic principle set up by the Bible for us believers is neither self-improvement nor the rejection of evil and the practice of good, but the putting of ourselves into the death of Christ. When we love the Lord and enjoy Him, we abide in Him. As such, His first operation is to put to death all the fleshly things in us… The more we die with Christ this way, the more His resurrection power will be manifested in us (Words of Life from the 1988 Full-time Training, p. 56-59).

When we abide in the Lord, our natural self is put to death and we experience resurrection! Without Christ in us, we minister our natural fallen self to others; only when we are put to death can we minister Christ as life to others! In addition, it is not that we put ourselves to death; it is by abiding in the Lord, being conformed to His death (Phil. 3:10).

For example, in our day to day lives, we all contact people through one means or another – do we minister what we are (i.e. natural fallen man; death) or the Christ whom we have experienced (i.e. life)? I have people who I am particularly burdened for, and as I consider my expressions and mannerisms, I am struck by the intensity of my self that is reflected instead of Christ Himself in me. That is to say, each one of us needs to abide in Christ more deeply, to be put to death more intensely, that we would express and minister the resurrection life of Christ more richly to others!

This is the real work of the new covenant ministry. It is not a matter of working; it is a matter of dying. In the Lord’s recovery we need to die so that life may work in others. Hence, our dying is our working. The Lord does not need you to accomplish a work for Him. He needs you to die. If you die, life will work in others. You will minister life to others by dying. Therefore, our work is to be put to death (Life-study of 2 Corinthians, p. 295).

Lord, keep me abiding in You, being conformed to Your death, that I would be ministering You as the resurrection life to those around me!


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