Short. Sharp. Living.

The above are components of a prophecy. Or in essence, how a prophecy should be. Now when I say prophecy, I don’t necessarily refer to the definition of foretelling the future or likewise. Instead, this relates more to a prophecy which speaks about God, or speaks forth God.

In typing this post, this is my aim. Today, I returned home from an eight day adventure of enjoying the Lord with high school students from various areas in New Zealand, even one was from Vietnam. This adventure is known as the Summer School of Truth.

I was struck by the realisation over the last week that my knowledge of God, my experience of God and my enjoyment of God are all so limited. On the last night of the summer school, we had an optional meeting which was about consecration, and there was a brief period during the meeting where everyone could personally open up to the Lord and allow Him to work on us. A song we sung during this meeting really exposed this matter to me (of being so limited), and I was truly re-enlightened concerning my lack of God in so many ways in my living. Hence, I will recall the words here which touched my inner being, paying attention to bold markings to represent precious points:

`1. Since I opened my heart to You

From the first time until now,

I’m realising more how small I am,

How little I am, how much I need in You to grow.

2. Lord Jesus, how great You are,

O Jesus, most excellent by far.

Only You can satisfy,

Lord, Your name be magnified.

Lord Jesus, how excellent You are.

3. So day by day, help me open more.

Lord, dig away all that blocks You.

Drop by drop, may Your life within meincrease.

Till just You are in view, I pursue.

I shall post up more of my enjoyment from the summer school in a later post (which will hopefully be up tomorrow), but here’s to some up-to-date enjoyment!


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