Ministry Excerpt: Life-study of Exodus

Many believers lack the weight of spiritual authority simply because they have not utterly dealt with their peculiarities. Culture, opinions, peculiarities, and habits are all hiding places of the flesh, and these damage our spiritual life. Because we spare the good aspects of the flesh, these aspects consume our kingship, our authority. As those who have been in the Lord for many years and who love Him and seek Him, we should have considerable spiritual weight. We should be filled with the kingship, with divine authority.

If we would follow the Lord’s word to utterly destroy the flesh, we shall have the kingship and shall be in God’s kingdom. But if we fail to carry out His word to destroy Amalek, we shall cut ourselves off from God’s authority and become joined to the demons and to the idols of vanity.

O Lord, do deliver us from our flesh, with all its culture, opinions, peculiarities and habits! May we be those who eat and drink of Christ as our life supply, pray with the interceeding Christ, and put to death the flesh with the fighting Spirit.


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