Ministry Excerpt: The Fulfillment of the Tabernacle and the Offerings in the Writings of John

Even though you may hear many messages on life, you still may not be deeply impressed that you need Christ as your daily life supply. This is the reason we have been studying the Bible together in the way of life and giving messages that are called Life-study messages. The burden in these messages is to point out that the Bible is not merely for teaching – the Bible is for life and life supply. We should not come to the Bible merely to seek teachings concerning commandments and regulations. Because the Bible is for life and life supply, we should come to it for food. The food we enjoy through the Word is the Lord Jesus Himself as the bread of life.
The crucial point [in John 6] is that even though we may not be sick, blind, lame, or withered, we still are hungry. All those around the pool were sick [5:2-3], but those around the seas were hungry [6:1, 5-6]. The problem of those in Galilee was not impotence – their problem was the lack of food. They did not have anything to fill their hungry.

Humanly speaking, most people are not sick, but everyone needs food. The number of people going to supermarkets to buy food is far greater than the number of those in hospitals. Even though the majority of people are not sick, everyone has the need of food. Spiritually speaking, everyone is hungry. All those around the worldly, satanic, sea, represented by the sea in Galilee, are hungry. The reason everyone is hungry is that all of them are short of Christ. If we do not have Christ, we will be hungry. This is the most important sign we need to see in chapter 6 of the Gospel of John.

We do not realise how blind we have been concerning our need. Throughout the generations and the centuries human beings have been blind. Because of their blindness, they turn to religion with its ordinances, regulations, and rituals. People do not simply have any idea of what they really need. They do not know that they are short of Christ as their food. We do not need religion, and we do not need regulations and rituals. We need Christ to be our spiritual food.

Really good point in the ministry, as part of today’s Holy Word for Morning Revival. Especially enjoyed the second paragraph in the excerpt above. Even though I type this at night, I’m reminded how our fundamental need, beyond being healed, is that we need to be fed. And what better way than to feed on Christ as the heavenly bread, Christ as the bread of God, Christ as the bread of life, Christ as the living bread, and Christ as the true bread? [rhetorical question – for there is nothing far better! :D]


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