Emanna: Seeing and Proclaiming Christ as the Son of God

Just a little ministry I enjoyed tonight 🙂
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bible Verses ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Acts 9:18  And immediately there fell from his eyes
something like scales, and he received his sight and rose up
and was baptized.  (20)  And immediately he proclaimed Jesus
in the synagogues, that this One is the Son of God.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Words of Ministry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Everyone in this world knows that there is a Jesus. But they
only know Jesus as one among millions of men in this world.
Although they regard Him as being a little more special than
others, He is still an ordinary man to them. But one day
light and revelation came to you; the eyes of your heart
were enlightened, and you discovered something. You
discovered that this Jesus is the Son of God. What a great
discovery! You discovered that there is one man among all
men who is the Son of God. This is truly tremendous! When a 
person receives the Lord Jesus as his Savior and confesses 
Him as the Son of God, he is doing a great thing, a 
tremendous thing. He cannot let the occasion pass by 
lightly, because it is a momentous event. 

If you realize how great the discovery you have made is and
how important and wonderful your discovery is, you surely
will tell others immediately, “I have met the Son of God,”
You surely will proclaim aloud, ” Jesus is the Son of God!”

Brothers and sisters, never consider your faith to be a 
small thing. You need to realize that your faith is a 
wonderful thing. Saul had to go into the synagogues to speak
because he knew that his discovery was too wonderful. You
will do the same if you realize how wonderful the things you
have seen are. Jesus of Nazareth is the Son of God. This is
a most wonderful and glorious fact.

Bible verses are taken from the Recovery Version of the
Bible and Words of Ministry from Watchman Nee,
Messages for Building Up New Believers, pp. 279-281.  Both
are published by Living Stream Ministry, Anaheim, CA.


Excerpt: The Bible Being God-breathed

2 Timothy 3:16 “All Scripture is God-breathed and profitable for teaching, for conviction, for correction, for instruction in righteousness…”

The Scripture is God-breathed (2 Tim. 3:16). This tells us that the Scripture did not come out of man’s thought, man’s mind, but rather, it is God’s breathing His thought and His word through His Spirit into and out of the writers. Hence, the Bible contains God’s elements and carries His flavor. As Christians, our greatest joy, or shall we say, our greatest blessing, is to be able to contact God and taste Him daily through the word of His breath.

(Bold and italics for emphasis)

Emanna: God Waiting for Us to Knock

For God’s will to be done today, He needs our cooperation — our cooperation is to pray. To pray is to converse with God, not in a way of giving requests, pleading or commanding Him to do something He will not do. Praying is a matter of man reiterating to God the need for the carrying out of God’s will.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bible Verses ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Matt. 7:7 Ask and it shall be given to you; seek and you
shall find; knock and it shall be opened to you. (8) For
every one who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to
him who knocks it shall be opened.
James 4:2 …You do not have because you do not ask; (3) You
ask and do not receive because you ask evilly that you may
spend it on your pleasures.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Words of Ministry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Prayer is the most wonderful action in the spiritual realm;
it is also the most mysterious matter. We know that God does
not do anything that is contrary to His will. If it is His
will to open the door, why does He have to wait until we
knock before He will open? Why would He not open the door for
us according to His will, without us knocking? He knows
everything. If He knows that we need an open door, why will
He wait until we knock before He opens? Why do we have to
knock? Since God’s will is to open the door, and since it is
His will to have the door open, will God not open the door if
we do not knock? Will He allow His will and His justice to be
delayed and not accomplished just for the sake of waiting for
our prayer?

If this is so, then God’s will is restricted by us! If He
will, why does the opening of the door (His will) have to be
controlled by our knocking on the door (prayer)? Here we can
see a principle of God’s work. This principle is that God’s
people have to pray before God will rise up to work. God’s
will is accomplished by the prayer of those who belong to
Him. The believers’ prayers accomplish God’s will. God will
not accomplish His will alone; He will only accomplish His
will when His people are sympathetic with Him in prayer.

If this is the case, prayer is nothing but the believers’ act
of working together with God. Prayer is the union of the
believers’ will with God’s will. The prayer of the believers
on earth is an utterance of God’s will in heaven. Prayer is
not an utterance of our own wishes, a plea for God to yield
to our cry and fulfill our own wishes. Prayer is not to
compel God to change His will by force or ask Him to do what
He does not want to do. Prayer is the believers’ utterance of
God’s will out of their own mouth; it is the believers’
request before God that He accomplish His own will.


(c) Living Stream Ministry. Bible verses are taken from the Recovery
Version of the Bible and Words of Ministry from “What is Prayer” in the
Collected Works of Watchman Nee, Vol. 8, pp. 5-6. Both are published by
Living Stream Ministry, Anaheim, CA.

Grace as a River Shall Flow ♪

This post happens to link to my previous post, but in video format : )

Excerpt from God’s New Testament Economy, chapter 38:

“In Revelation 22:1 we see the flow of the divine Trinity – God, the Lamb, and the water of life (the Spirit). According to John 7:38-39, the water of life refers to the Spirit. God was the One who purposed He became the Lamb who redeemed (John 1:14, 29), and finally became the life-giving, flowing Spirit (1 Corinthians 15:45b). God flows in the water of life, the Lamb flows in the water of life, and the Spirit flows as the water of life. Thus, this is the Triune flow, the flow of the divine Trinity as the very life.

This should not be taken as a theological teaching. According to our daily experiences, we Christians should experience the flow of the divine Trinity every day. Every morning after rising up we need to say, “Lord, thank You for a new day for me to take You as my Lord. I subject myself under Your headship for the whole day. Lord, set up Your throne in my life. Set up Your throne in the center of my being. Lord, bring my whole day with my daily life under Your throne.” If you would offer such a prayer to the Triune God every morning, from that moment you would have the living water flowing within you. This living water flowing is the flow of the Triune God. It is not a small thing that the Triune God flows in you today. He flows in you as the One who purposed, as the One who redeemed, and as the One who is the life-giving Spirit. This One is the very consummation of the Triune God reaching us as the living water.

Such a subjective revelation has been missed by many of today’s Christians. I hope we all would realize in our experience that whenever we subject ourselves to the Triune God, taking Him as our Head, we enjoy a flow within us. Thank the Lord that in the Lord’s recovery, day after day, month after month, year after year, and time after time, what is stressed is the unique flow. We have given message after message which tells us that the Triune God is flowing. There are also many hymns in our hymnal concerning this subject…”

Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs ♩ : Christ Has Come to be Life

Christ Has Come to be Life

“… I have come that they may have life and may have it abundantly.” (John 10:10b)

This is what the Lord Jesus said. His coming to the earth was to bring life to men. In Greek, there are three (3) words for life: bios (physical life), psuche (psychological life) and zoe (spiritual life). Zoe is used here, denoting that God comes to be our life from our innermost being, our human spirit. Even today He comes to us in our spirit to supply us with the zoe life of God. From our spirit the Lord Jesus as a spread to our soul and even to our body (1 Thessalonians 5:23). By believing into the Lord Jesus, we receive God’s very life, which has many fantastic elements such as being divine and incorruptible, and out from our spirit flow rivers of living water, that is to say, rivers of the divine and incorruptible life (John 7:38)!

Here is the track list of sorts : )

  1. Praise Him! Christ is Victor!
  2. There are Times and Times Again
  3. Truly I Say to You
  4. Pursue Him
  5. O Lord I Just Confess
  6. O Tell Me What’s the Key
  7. Christ Has Come to be Life
  8. The Triune God – A Mystery
  9. Dearest Lord You’ve Called Us Here

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Oh, I’ve got rivers of life flowing out of my innermost being~ so I sing! ♪

Vitalising our reading of the Bible!

Since my consecration to read through (and enjoy) the Holy Bible late last year, I’ve been following a Bible reading schedule courtesy of www.readHisWord.com. I have been fairly consistent with my readings, but the aim is that I’d gain more enjoyment of Christ whilst spiritually eating, digesting and becoming constituted with the word of God.

A blog I have been following over the past few months has some really practical ways when it comes to living out the church life, and I’d like to present another post which the fellow brother posted.

My highlights from the blog post are as follows:

1. We need to seek God when we come to the Bible! (John 5:39)
2. The condition of our heart must be right in coming to the Bible – anything that hinders us from coming to God in the Bible, deal with this! (2 Corinthians 3:16)
3. We need to come to the Word to receive it as life, not merely as laws! (2 Cor. 3:6John 10:10b)
4. To seek the Spirit in the Word is far better than to keep the law of the letter – “for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life” (2 Cor. 3:6)
5. We need to have the proper attitude in coming to the Bible! This can be represented by 26 points as seen in Psalm 119:

A. Choose God’s word (Psa. 119:173).
B. Believe God’s word (v. 66).
C. Lift up our hands to it, receive it warmly, saying Amen to it (v. 48Neh. 8:5-6).
D. Love God’s word (v. 97).
E. Delight in God’s word (v. 24)
F. Taste God’s word (v. 103; cf. 1 Pet. 2:2-3).
G. Rejoice in God’s word (v. 162).
H. Sing God’s word (v. 54Col. 3:16).
I.  Regard God’s word (v. 117).
J.  Have a perfect heart in it (v. 80).
K.  Incline our heart to it (v. 36).
L.  Seek it, long for it, and hope in it with prayer (vv. 4540147)
M . Trust in it (v. 42).
N.  Muse on it (v. 15).
O.  Consider it (v. 95b).
P.  Esteem it to be right (v. 128a).
Q.  Learn it (v. 73).
R.  Treasure it (v. 72).
S.  Treasure up God’s word in your heart (v. 11).
T.  Remember it and do not forget it (v. 52)
U.  Stand in awe of it (v. 161).
V.  Cling to it (v. 31).
W. Do not forsake it (v. 87).
X.  Turn your feet toward it (v. 59).
Y.  Keep, observe and do it (v. 69).
Z.  Walk in it and run the way of it (vv.132a).

May we come to the word of God not merely to seek knowledge (which though sounding “good”, is still a part of the tree of knowledge of good and evil) but to seek God and His riches!

Short. Sharp. Living.

The above are components of a prophecy. Or in essence, how a prophecy should be. Now when I say prophecy, I don’t necessarily refer to the definition of foretelling the future or likewise. Instead, this relates more to a prophecy which speaks about God, or speaks forth God.

In typing this post, this is my aim. Today, I returned home from an eight day adventure of enjoying the Lord with high school students from various areas in New Zealand, even one was from Vietnam. This adventure is known as the Summer School of Truth.

I was struck by the realisation over the last week that my knowledge of God, my experience of God and my enjoyment of God are all so limited. On the last night of the summer school, we had an optional meeting which was about consecration, and there was a brief period during the meeting where everyone could personally open up to the Lord and allow Him to work on us. A song we sung during this meeting really exposed this matter to me (of being so limited), and I was truly re-enlightened concerning my lack of God in so many ways in my living. Hence, I will recall the words here which touched my inner being, paying attention to bold markings to represent precious points:

`1. Since I opened my heart to You

From the first time until now,

I’m realising more how small I am,

How little I am, how much I need in You to grow.

2. Lord Jesus, how great You are,

O Jesus, most excellent by far.

Only You can satisfy,

Lord, Your name be magnified.

Lord Jesus, how excellent You are.

3. So day by day, help me open more.

Lord, dig away all that blocks You.

Drop by drop, may Your life within meincrease.

Till just You are in view, I pursue.

I shall post up more of my enjoyment from the summer school in a later post (which will hopefully be up tomorrow), but here’s to some up-to-date enjoyment!