Emanna: Don’t Lose Your Boldness

I was impressed by the words of ministry in this Emanna portion. And to think that this relates to our coming towards God… Simply praise-worthy! Isn’t it wonderful that we can come forward to God with boldness (pun intended) because (not only of God’s mercy but) His righteousness? We were sinners, yet through Christ’s death we were cleansed from our sins and made right with God. Hence, God must forgive us our sins, whether we feel forgiven at one stage or not at another stage. So dear reader – don’t lose your boldness! The Bible declares that we can we can enter the presence of God through our dear Saviour’s blood : )

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bible Verses ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Romans 3:26 With a view to the demonstrating of His righteousness… so that He might be righteous and the One who justifies him who is of the faith of Jesus.
Hebrews 10:19 Having therefore, brothers, boldness for entering the Holy of Holies [where God is] in the blood of Jesus

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Words of Ministry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Whether or not a person can be a proper Christian depends on whether he understands God’s righteousness. Many people cannot live a proper Christian life because they think that their forgiveness is the result of God’s mercy. They think that God forgives them because He sees that they are hopeless. They do not realize that God’s righteousness brought about their forgiveness. Consequently, sometimes they feel that God has forgiven them, and at other times, they feel that God has not forgiven them. But we have to remember that God has given us His Son, who has borne the punishment of sin for us. Therefore, the Bible says that we can come boldly to God.

We thank and praise God that He has given us His Son. Before God gave us Jesus of Nazareth, He was free to forgive us or not forgive us. But now that He has given us Jesus of Nazareth, God cannot refuse us when we come to Him through Jesus Christ; He has to forgive us. God has to forgive those who come to Him through Christ Jesus. Hallelujah! God cannot refuse to forgive those who come to Him through Christ Jesus. Since He has given us Christ Jesus, when we come to Him through Christ, God has to forgive us whether or not He likes it. Hallelujah! We can come to God today not just because of His love, but also because of His righteousness.


Bible verses are taken from the Recovery Version of the Bible and Words of Ministry from Watchman Nee, Central Messages, pp. 195.  Both are published by Living Stream Ministry, Anaheim, CA.

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Ministry Excerpt: Pharaoh and the Egyptians Having Been Subdued by God

I enjoyed the following passages this morning, and have included bold and italics as points of emphasis.

“The children of Israel did not make their exodus from Egypt of their own accord or by their own power. If they had been left to themselves, they never could have come out of Egypt. The exodus was accomplished by the saving God. Firstly, God subdued Pharaoh, the one who had usurped the children of Israel, and then He subdued all the Egyptians (12:29-33). As we apply this principle to our experience, we see that God comes in to subdue Satan, everything and everyone that stands with Satan, and also our environment. When the children of Israel made their exodus from Egypt, the whole environment was subdued by God. Everything was set for the children of Israel to leave Egypt. Even if they had wanted to remain in Egypt, the environment would not have allowed them to remain. They had no choice except to leave.

According to the picture in the book of Exodus, God’s salvation includes the aspect of the Passover and the aspect of the exodus. It was easy for God’s people to observe the Passover, but it was not easy for them to have an exodus. The difficulty lay in the fact that the exodus required a suitable environment. Suppose the situation in Egypt did not allow God’s people to leave. How then could they have made their exodus? It would have been impossible. The exodus required a thorough subduing of the environment. Israel’s exodus was the result of a long struggle between Moses and Pharaoh. It was preceded by twelve negotiations with ten plagues. This indicates that it is not easy for God to deliver His chosen people from the usurping hand of Satan and from the world. All genuine Christians have experienced the Passover, but only a small minority of believers have experienced the exodus. The reason for this is that certain aspects of their environment have not yet been subdued.

If our environment has not been subdued, we may have the Passover, but not the exodus. Perhaps your wife, husband, or relatives need to be subdued. When some hear that their environment must be subdued, they may be discouraged and want to give up. However, not even the matter of giving up depends on us; it depends wholly on the Lord. Instead of giving up, we should cooperate with Him. To be rescued from the usurping hand of Satan and from the world, we need God’s hand to subdue our environment.

In this record we are told twice that “by strength of hand” the Lord brought the children of Israel out of Egypt (13:3, 14). God’s people were saved not only by the blood of the Passover lamb, but also by the hand of God. The blood saved them from God’s righteous judgment, but the hand saved them from Pharoah’s usurpation. It is the same with us today. Through Christ as our Passover we are saved from God’s judgment, but by God’s subduing hand we are saved from Satan and the world.

The blood saved them from God’s righteous judgment, but the hand saved them from Pharoah’s usurpation. It is the same with us today. Through Christ as our Passover we are saved from God’s judgment, but by God’s subduing hand we are saved from Satan and the world.”

– excerpt from Life-study of Exodus, message 26: Israel’s Exodus from Egypt